Politics in Telangana after Statre formation


telangana-electionsFinally, the state is divided into two. This is irreversible decision. Rest of the process of President’s approval and notification is just a formality. So, Telangana state has emerged as 29th state in India. With ‘T’ become reality now, the political equations also will definitely change. Now, the ball is in TRS court. Congress is expecting it to keep its promise of merging with it and KCR is also seems very positive for it. Even if, TRS decline to merge with Congress, it may definitely go for poll alliance with it. If, so Congress-TRS combo will become a mighty force in Telangana.

Although, BJP extends its full support to the T-Bill, it can’t withstand this mighty force and neither can it expect poll alliance with TDP now, for the same reason. So, TDP and BJP will be in quite fragile situation in Telangana. If reports are to be believed that some of senior TDP leaders are ready to take jump into either TRS or BJP, TDP may be completely washed out of Telangana. If they join BJP, it may bag few more seats but can’t expect any miracle.

So, Chandrababu, who wants to run the show in both states, may have to build his party from scratch in Telangana. If he could manage to keep his leaders intact, he can easily bring the lost glory to party in Telangana. Congress high command has perfectly executed its bifurcation plan, though it adopts all kinds of irregular unlawful methods to implement it. As a result it is going to yield fruits for it in Telangana.