Does Rajamouli Know the Meaning


babu-gogineni-on-rajamouliHYDERABAD: Babu Gogineni who is Humanist, Rationalist & Human Rights Activist found fault with SS Rajamouli. What is it all about?

In one of his past interviews, Rajamouli claimed he is an Atheist. Two Days later, He was found walking beside a priest in the temple.

Sharing it during a TV debate held few days ago, Babu Gogineni maintained he have no objection if he visits temples but it’s not right to claim he is an atheist by doing such things. ‘Does Rajamouli know the meaning of Atheist. Atheist means one who doesn’t believe in the existence of God. The meaning doesn’t change be it any dictionary. There are more than 100 crore of people who practice Atheism. How could Rajamouli visit temple by claiming to be an atheist? It’s because of people like him, Our Reputation is getting damaged. Even CPI Narayana did the same thing in the past,’ he said.

When quizzed if Rajamouli responded to his query, Babu Gogineni replied: ‘I haven’t received any answer from Rajamouli. I don’t know if my question reached him or not. Even if it reach him, He willn’t be in a position to answer as he made a mistake’.

Finally, Mr.Gogineni clarified he isn’t against Religion and he respects the choices made by people. Whereas, He can’t approve or accept if someone who claimed to be an atheist believes in religion and visits temple.