RajiniKanth Yoga symbol copied charges


rajini-yoga-symbol-copiedCHENNAI: Everyone who is able to cash in on the Rajinikanth image by the political party is competing. New Web sites are similar to those of his web site. Some leaders are waiting for Rajini to join the party. The big parties are trying to support them. The latest Mumbai-based software company is also trying to turn the image of the Rajini image back to them. The company alleges that the yoga seal shown by Rajini was copied to the logo of the company, when the political admission statement was made.

Mumbai-based Wax web hosting company operates a networking app. On the logo of the company there will be a mark of two fingers on the side of the little finger. However, this company was firmly established a year and a half. But Rajini Kanth has been showing such a seal from Baba’s film in 2002. This is known as the Yoga Seal. Rajini Kanth, who believes in the Mahavatar Babaji, is the one who displays this yoga seal.

On the other hand, there is a difference between Wax’s web logo – The fingers are folded with the thumb finger. But in the Wax web logo, the thumb is showing up. And this is no more than this time. Rajini too has used it for so long. In this context, the Wax Web is coming up with the criticism that it will only stand in the news and attract attention to everyone. The company management has also written a letter to Rajini. They are going to decide what to do with the response from Rajini.