Ramoji rao supporting- KCR or Chandrababu Naidu?


CBN-KCRRaja Guruvu, this is the title given for media baron of Eenadu, Ramoji Rao who is known for his wide ranging political contacts in all major parties of India. He is also known to be a well wisher of  TDP and was instrumental when NTR launched the party in 1983 and when Naidu ousted NTR in 1995.

But after formation of Telangana, Ramoji seized the opportunity to move much closer to Telangana’s CM K Chandrasekhar Rao as both have mutual interests. While Ramoji would ensure no mudslinging of TRS, KCR would not touch Kammas and their businesses in Hyderabad.
However, now the powerful man and his friend Chandrababu is at cross roads facing the biggest legal challenge in his career. Ramoji had always done his best to safeguard the interest of his community and naturally TDP. But there is no news of him making rounds of late regarding latest controversy.

While there is a talk that KCR ostensibly persuaded Ramoji to stay out of this mess as TRS considers this as a  golden chance to nail TDP in Telangana, others say that Ramoji is not the one who goes on screen with his efforts. They say he may pull off some miracle in Delhi at the last moment!