Ramoji Rao’s Appreciation Letter to KCR


Ramoji Rao and KCRMedia Baron and Raja Guru, Ramoji Rao is usually a reclusive man. He never discloses his feelings in public and his intent will only be shown through his media. But Ramoji Rao wrote an open letter of appreciation to Telangana Chief Minister, KCR for the first time.

He appreciated for planning Word Telugu Conference in Hyderabad and also for allocating funds to that. He also praised KCR for making Telugu as a Compulsory subject for students from Class I to XII. He termed this move of KCR as much-needed for the upliftment of the language.

He also requested KCR in open letter to test the proficiency in Telugu for all the government jobs. Ramoji Rao said that Telugu usage can only be encouraged when the language is used for the entire administration.