Real hero of Telangana is not KCR


Revanth ReddyHyderabad: Strongly criticizing TRS and its president K Chandrasekhara Rao, TDP leader Revanth Reddy today asked whether Telangana State benefits are only for the family members of TRS president.

Speaking to media at NTR Bhavan here, Revanth Reddy asked what issues KCR discussed  with Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Digvijay Singh during his meetings with them. “Why KCR left behind Telangana protagonists and took his family members when he called on Sonia Gandhi?

Reventh Reddy also asked why KCR failed to ask Centre to accord national status to Palamuru left irrigation project and special package to Palamuru. “KCR has no house in Palamuru (Mahbubnagar) and no voice in Parliament. “Did he raise any problem of Palamuru in Parliament?, he asked. Alleging that KCR was trying to derive benefits from Telangana, Revanth further asked why the former failed to demand a special package for martyrs of Telangana. The real hero of Telangana was Prof. K. Jayashankara and not KCR, he added.

The TDP leader also alleged that TRS did not fight for Babli Project when it was being constructed. It was only the TDP which fought to resolve problems of Telangana region.

Where were 30 Pro – T parties: Nagam

Taking a dig at KCR, BJP MLA Nagam Janardhan Reddy said once KCR had said some 30 parties were supporting Telangana, but not a single party came forward in backing Telangana at crucial time. It was only the BJP which kept its promise by supporting Telangana Bill in Parliament and made Telangana people’s dreams come true.