Reason behind KCR’s silence on YS Sharmila’s Paramarsa Yatra


kcr-and-sharmilaThe TRS party and its leader K Chandrashekar Rao who is now the Chief Minister of Telangana never allows any opposition to grow up to challenge him.

The moment any party or leader makes an attempt to attract people’s attention by raising the problems or highlight his government’s failures, he and his party leaders go hammer and tongs at them.

However, it is surprising that even after weeks passed since the YSRCP announced that YS.jagan’s arrow Sharmila will undertake Paramarsa Yatra in Telangana from Dec 8, neither the TRS party nor its leaders have responded. Their silence is shocking and other parties allege that there’s a secret understanding between YSRCP and TRS.

It is known that KCR for long predicted that TRS will rule Telagnana and Jagan’s YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh. However, his prediction did not turn true. Except for one incident when Jagan was attacked with stones,KCR allowed free run to YSRCP in Telangana. Now, only KCR can answer his silence on Sharmila’s yatra.