Rebel TDP MLA participates in cross voting


TDP-MLAHyderabad, TDP MLA Gangula Kamalakar participating in cross voting, was complained against by TDP party agent to Returning Officer on Friday.

The rebel TDP MLA cast his vote for TRS candidate Keshava Rao. However, the TDP high command has asked all its members to vote for only TDP members.

When TDP agent Janardan asked Kamalkar to show his vote, the latter openly showed his support for  TRS candidate Keshava Rao.

Janardan objected to the vote and asked the RO to record the fact that Kamalakar participated in cross voting.

But RO refused to do so and added that they had no right to record votes. On the other hand, two other TRS MLAs Hanmanth Shinde and Harishwar Reddy, also cast their votes to Keshava Rao. They showed their votes not only to the agents but also to everyone in the Assembly premises.