Respect To Kalam: AP Schools Work An Extra Hour


abdul-kalam1“Don’t declare a holiday on my death, instead work an extra day if you love me,” once said the Bharat Ratna and the former President of India, APJ Abdul Kalam. However, several state governments across the country have declared holidays to the government offices, public schools and other government institutions. Even the newly formed Telangana state declared a state holiday as a mark of respect to the Missile Man of India.

But Kalam’s old friend and the Chief Minister of Andha Pradesh Nara Chandrababu Naidu proved yet again that he is cut above the rest. Babu ordered all the government institutions and organisations to work for an extra hour, showing the true respect for Kalam’s wish. Babu instructed all the government authorities to remember the services offered by the legendary scientist to the nation. And in schools, students will be taught about the life and legacy of Abdul Kalam in that extra hour.

In his statement following the passing away of one of India’s pioneer scientists, Babu said that the Nation has lost an icon. Babu remembered Kalam’s wish and said that working at least an hour extra will be a fitting tribute for the legend.