Revanth Reddy allegations on KCR


revanth-allegation-on-kcrHYDERABAD: Behind the way to find the lost proverb. Telangana Congress Party Firewall Revanth Reddy is dealing with this proverb. The CM KCR has decided to take the power of opposition and take the power of the party. Now it is as if he is looking to stain that he can not keep on with the same thing.

The KCR, who is campaigning for Telangana Sarkar, has been branding the new charges against the KVR. 24 hours free electricity for the farmers. He has been accused of having dark deals in the Telangana state for 24 hours without powerless KCR.

There is no love for the farmers behind the assurance of buying electricity for farmers. The Center says that the power supply is lower, but the question is why the KCR has to make a deal with Chhattisgarh.

Once again, what he has done for the last few days is that the KCR government demanded the release of white paper on electricity. The government has to disclose the electricity contracts. All the parties are going to be able to announce the details of power purchase. The 24-hour power supply is going on behind the buying phenomenon.

The Telangana Sagar is saying that the power is 24 hours a day. But in the Kodangal constituency that he represents, 18 fathers still do not have electricity. Ravant who has criticized Jagdish Reddy in the conditions of what is going to happen in his own department, the chief minister has put aside the minister.

Telangana’s baby to serve Telangana. Rajasthan cadre IAS officer Ramesh came back .. he was sent back. The state bullion company has been accused of making daily purchases by the state government. There are new doubts about why KCR is looking for companies in Gujarat. And how to react to KCR and Co on Revanth comments.