Revanth Reddy’s Masterstroke: Resign Before Dissolution


Amid all the hullabaloo over the dissolution of the Assembly and the decision to go for early elections, Congress MLA Revanth Reddy shot of a resignation letter to Telangana speaker. He sent the resignation in the speaker format to the assembly secretary. Now, the political watchers are wondering what is the strategy behind this resignation.

Revanth is one leader who can match KCR word to word, comment for comment. So, there is some deep planning behind this move. Political watchers feel that it could be Revanth Reddy’s way of protesting against the dynasty rule in Telangana. By resigning before the actual dissolution, he wants to sent the message across that he is a strong critic of the dynastic rule in Telangana.

Revanth is a strong leader in Mahabubnagar and pundits say that he can win from Kodangal comfortably regardless of the party he would fight from. By resigning before the dissolution of the Assembly, he can catch the attention of the Congress high command. Also he will have a moral high ground in the fight against KCR and prove himself in his constituency. Revanth Reddy belongs to the Reddy community, which is the bulwark for the Congress Party in Telangana. He has his own vote bank in the constituency. Even the Congress leaders in Telangana too know his strengths. So, the local as well as the Central leadership will have no option but to recognize his strengths.