Revanth Reddy’s Wishes To KCR, Poster Goes Viral


Upon successfully undergoing the eye surgery recently, Telangana CM KCR was flooded with get-well soon wishes by many. Of all the wishes the CM received, the message sent by Telangana TDP leader Revanth Reddy has stood special and gone viral.

Revanth Reddy took to Facebook to wish KCR on the successful operation. Well, the message wasn’t devoid of his trademark satire. ‘I hope you can clearly see the predicaments of Telangana people at least now as you have rectified your eye,’ is the punchline which came as a bonus with the congratulatory message. He implied that the CM had been ignoring the public issues thus far.

This satiric post and the attached poster have gone viral on social media.revanth-reddy-s-wishes-to-kcr-poster-goes-viral