Roja on Rajnikanth!


RojaAmaravati: With so many speculations about Tamil Nadu Superstar Rajinikanth’s political debut there is news that he might render a statement about it today.

Rajni had a series of meetings with his fans and is discussing about the same with his close aides. Though he said he is currently awaiting release of his two films 2.0 and Kaala, there is a feel among people that he could make announcement on entry today!

When asked about it YSRCP MLA Roja said that Rajini will become very successful in politics after MGR and Jayalalitha. The Nagari MLA opined that Rajinikanth however, needs to efficiently deal with the coups inside and also on the distracting plans in order to achieve success in the politics. She recalled that how some cine stars went on to become successful in politics especially in Tamil Nadu and added Rajni too will have his share of success. However will she admit giving similar success to Jana Sena and Pawan Kalyan? Of course she will not!