Roja Plans to Go to Delhi on Jana Sena Flight?


Roja-and-Pawan-KalyanIs YSRCP Nagari MLA Roja planning to go to Delhi? Yes, according to the buzz in political circles. Roja, who had jumped from TDP into YCP, is reportedly contemplating on joining Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena party and contest for an MP seat in next elections.

In a recent survey conducted by YCP, Roja received less grades so Jagan allegedly took a class to her. Following this, she skipped the ‘Save Vizag’ dharna taken up by Jagan. Although she cited health reasons for missing the dharna conducted by YCP chief, it was widely speculated that she was miffed with Jagan and is planning to change party.

Continuing those speculations, reports are now emerging that Roja is planning to contest the next Lok Sabha elections from Rayalaseema region on Jana Sena party ticket. She has reportedly sought the help of her ‘Jabardast’ co-judge Naga Babu, the elder brother of Pawan Kalyan, in recommending her name to the Jana Sena president.

Pawan has time and again iterated that he wouldn’t encourage defectors into his party. Will he make an exception for Roja?