Rs 1400 Crore Sanctioned for Polavaram


The pressure mounted by Political Parties in Andhra Pradesh is fetching funds at least to some extent. AP Government appealed Centre to sanction Rs 1795 crore immediately for Polavaram Project.

Union Government has passed an order sanctioning Rs 1,400 crore to Andhra Pradesh. Order to this effect has been received by Union Finance Ministry and Union Water Resource Ministry.

Finance Ministry informed AP Government that additional Rs 300 crore will be sanctioned once after it receives the audit of Polavaram Project.

Earlier, Rs 2,000 crore were sanctioned through NABARD for Polavaram in two installments.

Speaking about Polavaram Project in Assembly on Tuesday, CM Chandrababu Naidu said anybody who interferes in Polavaram unnecessarily will end up burning their hands. He responded this way while reacting on the corruption allegations by Pawan Kalyan.