Ruckus in AP NGO Chief Ashok Babu Meeting


AP NGO President Ashok Babu and Few TDP Leaders held a meeting in Bengaluru. Statements made by few of them asking Telugu People not to vote for BJP in Karnataka Assembly Polls created a ruckus.

This meeting was conducted at a hotel in Marthahalli-White Field under the banner AP Rights Porata Vedhika. BJP Leaders have been breathing fire on Ashok Babu for campaigning against their party. Few others cried foul saying they wouldn’t have come for the meeting if they were aware that the agenda is pro-TDP. Some of the people felt it’s not right to provoke Telugu People for political gains.

BJP Leader Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, ‘In what way Ashok Babu was connected to the Karnataka Assembly Polls? Is he the president of APNGO or representative of TDP? This is against the service rules of a government employees. We will report the matter to election commission’.