Samaikyandhra Protesters Strike Continues To 10th Day


protests-continueIt’s ten days since the Samaikyandhra movement commenced. These ten days have successfully managed to mount pressure on the political leaders cutting across party lines forcing them to resign and take part in the Samaikyandhra agitation. These ten days have made Congress High Command think on the grievances of the Seemandhra people and prompted them to appoint a high-level committee.

The agitations have made Congress sit up and take notice. If sources are to be believed, the High Command has also sent people to find out about the after-effects of Samaikyandhra agitations.The protests over the last ten days have showed the strength of the Samaikyandhra people.

Over 1,000 people have been taken into preventive custody in connection with the agitation. Besides, 221 people were arrested so far and as many as 124 criminal cases were registered against the protesters in the wake of the Samaikyandhra agitation.

But Seemandhra region (coastal and Rayalaseema regions) continued to boil over announcement of separate statehood to Telangana.

Bandhs, protests continued in many parts of the Seemandhra regions. Schools and other establishments have voluntarily extended their support to the agitation. Lawyers, doctors and government employees too are protesting in their own way.

The Seemandhra activists initially fought for a united state. However, TRS chief KCR played spoilsport with his controversial remark that Seemandhra workers in Hyderanad must return to their home town. Now, the Samaikyandhra leaders’ attention is diverted towards Hyderabad. The focus of protest is no more just a united AP, but majorly aimed at protecting the interests of the Seemandhra people in Hyderabad.

Now, it remains to be seen how long the Samaikyandhra protests will continue.

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