Secret behind Kiran Kumar Reddy not contesting elections


CM-kiran-kumar-reddyHyderabad: For any politician, contesting elections becomes inevitable for his survival. However, former chief minister and founder of the Jai Samaikyandhra Party, Kiran Kumar Reddy shocked all by deciding not to contest elections. This is a shock considering the way he defied all the mighty forces – Sonia Gandhi and Congress High Command for couple of months and even defeated the resolution for bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh in the Assembly. Many expected him to start a political party long time back resigning from the Congress party, but he quit only after the UPA passed Telangana Bill within the closed doors of the Parliament.

When he started the Jai Samaikyandhra Party, much to the surprise of all, none of his Cabinet ministers and supporters who were expected to join the party, sided with him. As days passed even the founding members of the party decided to quit the party deserting Kiran. Many feel this could be one of the reasons for Kiran opting out of the race. Some felt Kiran to save himself from facing the ignominy of defeat made his supporters scapegoats.

From the beginning, Kiran is not considered as a great leader who could command respect among his party workers. When he was in Congress, many accused him of currying favours with High Command to become the chief minister though he doesn’t have any of the leadership qualities. Everyone branded him as a rubber stamp CM and only during the end of his tenure, he started defying the High Command, to sail through the shores of power riding on the hurt sentiments of the Seemandhra region.

But Seemandhra did not believe him totally or neither did his colleagues. The reason being Kiran was considered to be close to the Congress High Command right from the beginning. Many suspected that he was only a pawn the hands of Sonia Gandhi and was performing a role play as per the diktats of the Congress top leadership. Kiran Kumar Reddy has always been a suspect. He made us believe while he was Chief Minister, that he was working assiduously for a United AP. Actually he was a covert of Sonia. He was Hunting with The Hounds, and Running With The Hares,  His latest  declaration that he would not contest the elections is to give finishing touches to the Farce in which he was the puppet  and responding perfectly to the strings as pulled by Sonia.

The refrain of the Congress leaders in Seemandhra region was a well rehearsed one: we want united AP, and are fighting for it. But, being good soldiers, we are bound by what the High Command says. This stance of  Kiran’s group made  everybody realize that he was acting as per the dictates of Sonia

That the High Command (Read Sonia) is committed to splitting AP is well known. TRS Chief  KCR is believed to have given a massive donation to the Congress Party with Telengana as the quid pro quo. It was a virtual purchase rivaling the famous Louisiana and Alaska purchases by USA. KK Reddy is believed to have been kept in the picture throughout

When he showed some defiance (as per the script) the  Seemandhra leaders  swallowed his version hook line, and sinker.  It was expected that  he and his close team of Ministers and MLAs would resign any minute, leading even to a Constitutional crisis.  But it never happened.  He waited till T formation was completed irreversibly, and then resigned.

KKR enacted another farce: he egged on the State employees and people to strike work and paralyse the State – non violently and gullible chaps that they were did his bidding.  The true nature of the farce was revealed when Divijaya Singh was asked by Press people for his comments after about 70 days of strike, and no reaction from the Centre, Divijaya said that the strike will be called off in a couple of days, and the strike was CALLED OFF  in 2/3 days, without any change of stance by the Centre.

Several of his well wishers were pleading with him to set up a separate outfit. He delayed it till everybody was frustrated and joined whichever Party welcomed them. Still a few joined him when he formed his Party, but even they deserted him realizing that he was just acting as per the instructions of Sonia.

Now is his final coup. He declared that he would not contest the elections. He has laid foundations for the final stage of the drama. If by God’s grace, UPA III will come into being, he will be recognized as not having contested against the Congress. If, by a fluke some of his Party members get elected, he can extend support or merge with the Congress. As a reward for all the play acting strictly as per the script, he could be rewarded not with an Oscar, but with a Governorship.

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