Secret behind Kiran Reddy launching new Political party:Report


kiran-reddyHyderabad: The AP politics at present is revolving around 3 major issues- Next CM of AP state, Kiran kumar Reddy’s new party and Elections 2014  in AP.

Kiran kuamr reddy’s launching of new political party is getting psotponed as the days are passing. What is the reason behind Kiran launching a new Political party?

Kiran kumar Reddy is considered to be loyalist to the Congress party. When he was the Chief Minister of the state, he used to say that he would abide by the decision of the Congress High command in the Telangana statehood issue. But, when when a declaration is made on  Telangana in the Congress working committee, CM Kiran opposed the High command’s decision on Telangana. On various occassions, he  expressed his dissatisfaction over the issue.

The Telangana Bill is introduced in the Assembly and without the consent of the MLAs in the Assembly, the Bill is sent to the Parliament. The Bill is passed in the Parliament later. In passing the Telangana Bill in the Lok sabha and Rajya sabha, the Congress and BJP Governments got all the credit for the Telangana state along with the TRS party.

Hence the Congress party got good marks in the Telangana region. But what about the congress party in the Seemandhra region? The Congress High command chalked out a master plan to attain popularity among the Seemandhra public, say political analysts.

CM Kiran opposing the Congress High command in the Telangana issue, then resigning to CM post and Congress party, and later forming a Political party with Samaikyandhra as agenda and then supporting the Congress party after the Elections is a party of the Master plan to woo the Seemandhra voters say Political analysts.

As as part of the master plan of Congress High command, the plan is executed 75 percent. CM Kiran opposed Telangana and won popularity among seemandhra people to some extent. He later resigned to CM Post and Congress party. All is set for the launch of new political party. The merging of the party with congress is just remaining, which is expected to happen after elections.

If everything goes smooth and safe, the Congress High command would be successful in executing their master plan-wining good number of MLA and MP seats in Seemandhra and Telangana regions.