Secret deal between TDP and Congress revealed once again


TDP-chandrababu-and-CM-kiraHyderabad: Telugu Desam Party president Nara Chandrababu Naidu, who is visiting the flood affected areas in Telangana region, did not face much resistance from Telangana supporters.

In fact some of the Congress ministers openly declared that they would not oppose Chandrababu’s tour raising serious doubts about the ‘secret understanding’ between TDP and Congress. TDP cadres are delighted while claiming that Chandrababu was welcomed in Telangana region also which proves that TDP is still a force in the the region.

Significantly, Chandrababu Naidu’s tour was repeatedly obstructed by the Samaikyandhra supporters when he was touring the Seemandhra region. Then why Telangana supporters led by Congress ministers did not raise any opposition against Naidu?

There is a danger for TDP in Seemandhra that the people may suspect as to why Chandrababu was welcomed in the region; it should be either because of his letter that he gave in support of Telangana or his nexus with Congress party as YSR Congress argues. Over the years, due to TRS and Congress, TDP lost its hold in Telangana too. This is why TDP’s claims of success in Telangana could prove to be counter-productive for them!