Secret survey gives shocking revelations to Congress


survey-2014Hyderabad: Pre-poll surveys are quite a common survey prior to the polls but what is making news is that CM Kiran Reddy has got a secret survey done and the results have struck Congress like a thunderbolt. To put it straight according to this “secret survey” Congress is sure to fall flat in the 2014 elections and that is no good news at all for the party. Not only Congress even the Telugu Desam Party is expected to take a nasty beating as per this

And no surprises as to which party will emerge as the winner, YSRC of course. The survey has indicated that out off the 294 seats YSRC is likely to win 138-147 seats. Well, this preview might have shuddered Congress and TDP. And the survey also reveals that YSRC will win the majority of its seats from the Rayalaseema region; around 41 seats will go to Jagan’s party out of the 52 seats.

TRS will likely get around 60 seats of the 115 from the Telangana territory. TDP should be satisfied with about 28-30 seats while Congress might win 34-39 seats mainly from South Andhra.

This bit of news might soothe Jagan’s wounds and we believe he will have the last laugh in the 2014 elections for sure. As for Congress, their secret survey might keep them well-prepared to handle the doom!