Seemandhra needs KCR


kcr-seemandhraThough it is a fact that the UPA government is not concerned to acknowledge the demands of the Seemandhra people, the protests for united Andhra Pradesh are still continuing. The Seemandhra people are hurt with the way the whole episode is being carried out with least interest towards their intentions.

The political analysts say what Seemandhra needs is a KCR. It can be said that the Telangana movement was mostly a political driven movement whereas the Samaikyandhra movement was people driven. But what the Seemandhra people lack is a leader like KCR who can stir up the emotion and fanaticism. KCR could do that to a large extent among the Telangana people and it has helped him gain a lot of strength to the movement.

Though majority of the leaders in Andhra Pradesh hail from Seemandhra it is a sad story that none of them has got the guts to stand up and lead the Seemandhra people like KCR. Source-APH