Sexual harassment on girl: CI suspended in AP


CI-suspended-in-ap-for-sexuVisakhapatnam: When it comes to the police station for justice, it is likely to change. The problem has been solved. Some of the khakiis that are called a friendly police system are becoming a commodity. A Circle inspector has been suspended for freshly raising a young girl in Visakhapatnam.

A young man from Varanasi, working in a hotel in Visakhapatnam, and a software engineer in Malaysia, loves social media. Visakhapatnam came from Malaysian for the boyfriend and got a job in a hotel where her boyfriend works. However, when the two came out of love, the boy left the job and walked out of Visakhapatnam. A few days awaited girl complained to the police station for her whereabouts. The police who investigated the case found him in Punjab and brought him to Visakhapatnam and moved to jail.

However, a young woman who was worried that she would not marry her after being sent to jail was asked to send the CIA to prison. CI started taking sexually abusing women. In the backdrop, on December 28, she went straight to the hotel where she was staying and was sexually assaulted. The video took the video of the CI behavior and filed a complaint directly to the city commissioner. Commissioner ordered immediate inquiry. The Commissioner’s CI has been suspended on the basis of video evidence provided by the girl.