Shabbir Ali’s cointroversial comments on Pawan kalyan


shabbir-aliHyderabad: Shabbir Ali, a Congress Party Member of Andhra Pradesh State Legislative Council and also a Congress Party senior leader on Thursday made sensational comments against Pawan Kalyan.

Shabbir Ali said Paritala Ravi got Pawan’s head only half tonsured, however, he warned to execute it fully. He spoke to the media in Kamareddy and asked Pawan to look at his domicile first instead of chanting a slogan ‘Congress Hathao, Desh Bachao’. He wondered how a person who can not control his own wife would develop the society. Sahbbir Ali challenged Pawan Kalyan referring the latter as Gabbar Singh and asked him to come in front to decide whether it will be him or self.