Shame on Congress for claiming Telangana credit


K-Keshav-RaoHyderabad: TRS secretary general and Rajya Sabha member K. Keshav Rao on Wednesday lambasted the Congress party for claiming credit for Telangana statehood.

Speaking to the media here, KK said the Congress could not get bail even to a single student during Telangana agitation and it was shamelessly claiming credit saying that Telangana State was possible because of its commitment.

“People should think if the Congress wins the elections, will it protect Telangana or Seemandhra people?, he asked, adding that the people of the region know very well as who fought for Telangana State successfully. He also said TRS agitation would continue for reconstruction of Telangana State. The coming five years will be very crucial than 14-year  Telangana agitation, he said.

“It is unfortunate to give options for government employees. Injustice was being meted out to the employees in Telangana share. KCR is the only leader, who can fight for Telangana problems. Though Telangana State was formed, there were several problems to be tackled, he added.

TRS State vice-president Nayani Narasimha Reddy said if the Congress returns to power in Telangana State, the government would be remote controlled from Delhi. But if the TRS comes to power, the remote control would be with the people only, he added. He also appealed to the people to let the TRS govern the State as justice would be possible only with the TRS and Telangana State was achieved by KCR.