Special packages to Seemandhra and Rayalaseema


seemandhr-and-rayalaseemaSince both Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema are now certain that Telangana is almost a certainty, with the arrival of the AP state New-in -charge Digvijay Singh, the Seemandhra and the Rayalaseema laeders are seeking special packages to their Regions to compenstae the Telangana.

Rs.50,000 crore package to the Seemandhra region and  Rs. One lakh crore.to the Rayalaseema is being sought by the leaders.

‘We are worse than two other regions as we lack irrigation and educational institutions and our students , traders and farmers go  to either Bangalore or Chennai  rather come to Hyderabad’ says a senior  seema leader .

Both  the regions  now say that Telagnana would always black mail them in respect of river waters and hence want assurances and also funds to develop their own systems  and institutions for  irrigation, education and also health.