Star-Wars in Nandyal: Roja Targets Balakrishna


Roja-and-balakrishnaResponding to the comments made by Hindupur MLA and actor Balakrishna during his road show in Nandyal constituency yesterday, YSRCP Nagari MLA Roja said that he was an innocent person who was just reading the script given to him by CM Chandrababu Naidu.

Addressing a road show at Peddakottala in the by-poll bound Nandyal constituency, Roja accused Balakrishna of lacking political knowledge and merely following whatever Chandrababu tells him to do so.

Giving a counter to Balakrishna’s verbal attack on Silpa brothers, terming them as ‘defectors’ who cheated TDP, Roja questioned why Balayya doesn’t ask the 21 MLAs who had defected from YCP to the TDP to resign if he was so against defectors.

Later, during a face to face interview, when Roja was asked about Balakrishna asking votes from Nandyal people by showing the ‘development’ TDP had carried out, Roja quickly donned her satirical hat and pointed out, ‘Which development is he talking about? He has failed in providing even drinking water to the people of his Anantapur constituency’.

Taking further potshots at Balayya, Roja said, ‘People of Balayya’s constituency even lodged missing complaints against him in police stations for ignoring them after getting elected. He doesn’t respect Assembly also. He is busy with film shoots and barely attends Assembly sessions.’