State entering a golden era: CM KCR


KCR-Wants-ChandrababuHyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Monday said that the Telangana was holding an enviable position with its innovative policies and programmes in the country and was all set to enter a golden era.

Speaking in the Assembly, he said the Opposition was in jitters as the initiatives of the government might result in further erosion in their support base”.

The Chief Minister said that government would be creating a new history giving supply free, uninterrupted, quality power round the clock for the agriculture services in the State from January 1, 2018. This would benefit lakhs of farmers depending on groundwater irrigation.

The State government had been giving 24�7 power supply for the past five days on an experimental basis. It proved to be a success barring in certain pockets where the supply networks were to be strengthened further. The supply would be stabilised by taking corrective measures.

The 24-hour power supply would cost the government Rs 617 crore additionally. It would be paying Rs 5,684 crores towards the subsidy component as against Rs 5,770 crore being paid so far to the power utilities. Staff of power utilities gearing up to meet the peak loads being experienced in the morning and evening hours.

Auto starters

Chief Minister said the auto starters installed at all the pump sets by the farmers will be removed before commencing the round the clock supply of power. Otherwise, it would an adverse impact on the groundwater table.

Appealing all farmers to remove the auto starters on their own, he said. A special drive would be launched in December to ensure that they were removed by every farmer in every village.

No agronomists

KCR said that farmers have no support of the agronomists in the State. There were no agronomists appointed at all so far. All the agriculture extension officers would be given agronomist training for this purpose.

The government was planning to send some 1,000 farmers to Israel for training in advances made in micro-irrigation techniques.

The government is promoting the greenhouse technology by giving subsidy. We were here to take good suggestions from any quarter. He welcomed even the Opposition to come with their suggestions.

“We are entering a golden era where the irrigation projects were being implemented by putting them on fast track. The government was working in the direction giving the farmers access to irrigation, round-the-clock quality power, timely supply of seeds, fertilisers and much-needed marketing support, ” he said

Thandas as GPs

KCR reiterated that the government could reach out to the people with a slew of welfare measures. It could initiate reforms in the revenue administration creating 21 new districts and hundreds of revenue mandals.

The ongoing land purification exercise was also going deliver splendid results. “We are going to make the Lamba Thandas gram panchayat in the next two months”.