Sujana Chowdary impressive speech in RS


Y_S_ChowdaryTDP Rajya Sabha member Sujana Chowdary has made very impressive speech opposing the T-Bill in Rajya Sabha yesterday. He precisely criticized Congress party for passing the bill bypassing all constitutional methods and while ignoring several serious issues. The highlights of his speech:

  1. TDP is not against creation of Telangana. We are repeatedly telling this from the day one. We are opposing the way bill is being processed and passed with brutal force.
  2. Congress has not bothered to mention how it is going to resolve problems related to Power, Water, Employment and Education etc. issues. Asa result, Telugu people, who lived like brothers until today will have fight with each other on these issues.
  3. There is no specific mention in the T-Bill about any package or funds to Seemandhra.
  4. I am not abusing any person or member. I am just trying to reflect the opinion of the people I represent. I am reflecting the agony of the people I represent.
  5. Congress, which doesn’t bother to resolve bifurcation issue during last ten years has picked it up just before elections only to gain political mileage out of it.
  6. It wasted precious time and money by constituting several committees, which it never bothered to look into the reports.
  7. Congress party, being in power has made mockery of our democracy and Parliamentary systems by trying to pass the bill with sheer brutal force, even while knowing it has been opposed by its own Chief Minister, MPs, MLAs and Union Ministers. The bill is intended for manipulating politics and to achieve selfish goals.
  8. Adopting a bill for debate and approval that has been rejected by state Assembly and even Rajya Sabha Chairman is unconstitutional. Hence, the house shouldn’t allow the bill. It should be referred to a standing committee or summon attorney General to the house to take his opinion on the legal prospective of the bill.
  9.  Congress Ministers, who are supposed to behave as Custodians of government are just behaving like Congress agents in the house.
  10. Congress is introducing a dangerous tradition for passing the bills, which may encourage others to follow same practice in future.