Super Hit Talk For Balayya’s ‘Praja Darbar’


Actor-politician Balakrishna’s ‘Praja Darbar’ was huge hit on first day as people thronged to participate in the event. As part of the first day, Hindupur MLA Balakrishna took petitions from the people of 38 wards in the constituency. On few problems, Balayya directly spoke to concerned government officials on spot and asked them to resolve the problems being faced by the locals.

Balayya spoke to municipal officials on the troubles affected in the Hindupur Municipality. He advised officials to take necessary arrangements to solve them permanently. The Praja Darbar is a two-day event. On Thursday, he will be focusing on the problems of people living in Hindupur Rural, Lepakshi, Chilamathur mandals. On whole, the response for the first day of Praja Darbar is good and productive and many felt that it was huge hit. Well done, Balayya.  super-hit-talk-for-balayya-s-praja-darbar