Super Star Want To Become CM Of Telangana!


Vijaya-ShantiActress-turned-politician Vijaya Shanti has been staying away from politics since the last assembly election, but she made a big splash with her recent interview to a TV channel wherein Vijaya Shanti hints that she may strike back in politics soon.

According to the interview, the popular actress feels that ‘there is no wrong in dreaming to become Chief Minister’ and she also admits to the query that if she’d like to be called as ‘CM Vijayashanti’.

‘To reach this point in politics/cinema, I had been through all the steps and after every success, we apparently wished for better chances and Superstar status. Like wise, I want my political career to be big as well,’ said the veteran actress who shot to popularity with Osey Ramulamma.

She further continued – ‘with growing popularity comes growing problems. Since I was a popular politician across Telangana after my continuous struggle for separate state, some people who cannot accept it have designed a conspiracy to bring me down.’ When she was asked to offer a reply on -‘Had she been in a better place, if she’d stayed back in TRS?’ She tells- ‘I may be enjoying the cabinet ranks today but the politics of regional parties will never allow us to grow larger.

Ramulamma says she holds her gratitude for Congress party for making separate state dream a reality. She feels her 19 years for fight for separate state is biggest achievement in her career.