Talk KCR’s opportunism at its very best


Telangana chief minister is surprising the political followers with his sudden change of plans. Not long ago, KCR was very active in the third front movement and tried to project himself as the leader of the pack. However, he did not receive any positive signals from the allies as they were intending to give the driver’s seat to the Congress party. This left KCR disappointed and eventually dropped out on his plans.

On a contemporary note, KCR met the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi and made some interesting comments. The pink party chief said that his party is open to an alliance with BJP after the completion of 2019 general elections. These comments confused many people as KCR was speaking about the third front idea even a few days back, but he shifted gears and stated that he is ready to join forces with BJP.

Political analysts are saying that KCR is portraying his opportunism and taking the people of Telangana by surprise. We should wait and watch if all these developments will have a negative effect on the TRS party in the following elections.