TDP alliances for Elections 2014


TDP-alliancesThe General Elections 2014 is approaching. All the political parties are busy in chalking out the strategies to bag maximum seats in the Assembly and the Parliament.

TDP being a regional party is looking for the alliances to make its impact not only in the state but also at the centre level.

TDP and BJP alliance would help TDP in bagging  25 Lok Sabha seats in case both these ex-allies come together in Andhra Pradesh, as per the internal surveys.

In 2009, TDP lost by a margin of just 1000-3000 votes at several places. Keeping this in view,

Moreover, TDP and BJP alliance was also successful and it was only due to free power promise made by YSR that turned the tide against NDA in 2004 and sources say that Naidu feels that alliance with communists may not benefit the party. This may also help Naidu to become CM in United AP or Seemandhra while it is 25  seats from AP will also help BJP realize its dream of making Modi as the PM.