TDP and Congress Exposed


tdp-and-congressHyderabad: The following are some of the incidents where the real colours of the TDP and the Congress party are exposed to the Public.

During the Floods-hit relief works in the Kedarnath

Two aircrafts reached the Kedarnath spot for bringing the pilgrims to AP state- One of Congress party and the other of Telugu desam.
Congress leaders V. Hanumanth Rao, MP, Union Minister P. Balram Naik, and Ministers — N. Uttam Kumar Reddy and D. Sridhar Babu — were directing pilgrims towards the Congress government’s aircraft. The competition reached a new low when TDP MPs Ramesh Rathod and K. Narayana began wooing the same pilgrims to board the Vizag-bound, TDP-sponsored plane. “It reminded me of how private bus operators poach passengers in semi-urban bus stands,” remarked a shocked pilgrim.

While Mr. Uttam Kumar Reddy and Mr. Narayana were arguing fiercely, Mr. Hanumantha Rao intervened and confronted them over preventing passengers from boarding the government’s flight. It was now the turn of the burly-looking MP Ramesh Rathod to enter the scuffle. He pushed back Mr. Rao while CISF personnel rushed to scene and separated the squabbling MPs. Amid sloganeering from both sides, Mr. Naidu watched the unfolding drama from a little distance away.

Telangana issue

Congress MPs( mainly from seemandhra) enjoy the power given to them by the people through elections, but they had not supported(ing) the Smaikyandhra Movement with a demand for United Andhra. The Seemandhra MPs, MLAs, Union and State Ministers including CM Kiran had not extended their support to the Samaikyandhra movement. They are always busy in conducting meetings for discussing the future action plans. But never responded positively on the issue to gain the confidence of the Seemandhra public.

When the Central government is violating the laws of the constitution over the Bifurcation of the state, the State Government is silent. When Antony committee, GoM( Group of Ministers) and Special task force are being appointed by the Central Government, the government is not responding. The Srikrishna committee’s report on Telangana issue is with the Central Government by now.

TDP follows two-eyed policy even today over Telangana, with the fear that it may lose votes in one region if supports the other. PURE ELECTION POLITICS!