TDP gains in Telangana if Cong. and TRS fight separately


chandrababu-naiduHyderabad: As they say, if two people fight, the third person will be at an advantage. This applies very well to Congress and TRS in Telangana and the third party in this case is TDP.

Even as TRS and Congress squabble over an alliance in Telangana, the Telugu Desam could walk away with the cake. The last word on the TRS-Congress alliance has not yet been spoken yet. What is sure as of now, is there will be no merge of TRS with Congress.

State leaders of Congress have been claiming that they are not for an alliance with KCR’s party, as it will only damage prospects of Congress. If at all, T Congress leaders are ready for merger and that not happening, they want to go it alone.

T Congress leaders have written to their high-command putting across their opposition to an alliance with the sub-regional party.

On his part, KCR has been making his “stand” clear by announcing candidates for some Assembly segments.

Despite all the public posturing, backroom negotiations are said to be in progress. And leaders of both the parties hope that the alliance will materialize at least in the last moment.

Political commentators have already said if Congress and TRS go to polls separately, Telangana voters will face a dilemma: whether to vote for a party that “gave” Telangana or to a “party movement” that has “fought” for Telangana.

Apart from TDP, there is a fourth player in Telangana – the BJP- which says statehood could not have been possible without it.

Observers feel that if TRS and Congress fight the polls separately, the votes will be split between the three main parties and the benefit may well go to TDP. Throughout the bifurcation conundrum, one was given to believe that Congress as well as TRS are working to finish off TDP in Telangana region.

Conversely, leaders believe that if all the major parties contest separately, Telangana could well have it’s first-ever Assembly, if the June 2 Appointed Day sees no hiccups, turning out to be a hung house.

However, if Congress and TRS go together, there is every possibility of romping home a big majority of the 117 Assembly seats in the region.

Congress has both the ‘T-giver’ card and cadres to fight the elections and TRS has ‘sentiment’ as before, to remain a key contender. In fact, performance of TRS in 2004 and 2009 in tie-up with Congress and TDP respectively, showed that it has several limitations when it comes to winning seats in a straight poll as against a bye-election.

TDP leaders claim that the ‘Telangana sentiment’ will not work after statehood is through, and it can go to the people as a party that can rebuild the region, or a fledgling state.