TDP MP CM Ramesh misbehaved with Media Reporter !


cm-rameshHyderabad: Senior TDP leader and MP C.M.Ramesh misbehaved with media persons when the latter asked him to give an explanation for the allegations of their own party men that he was selling away tickets in Kadapa district.

Some media organizations published news reports that C.M.Ramesh, who is incharge for party affairs in Kadapa district, sold way tickets to an amount of Rs.25 crores. They publish those reports based on the allegations of their party leaders in the district.

Senior party leader in the district Linga Reddy made these kind of allegations on Ramesh and the former even complained on the same to their party chief N.Chandrababu Naidu.

When the media persons asked an explanation from him on the same, he advised the media personnel, “Please make the allegations only after knowing about it fully. I don’ respond to the gossips.”

When the media persons reminded him that the matter was published in some media organizations too, Ramesh blatantly told that it was published in a sinle Media channel only. In the process, Ramesh used some rash words against the reporter of a channel.

All the journalist organizations there condemned the behavior of the MP. They are finding fault with the MP for behaving with the journalists in the way a leader behaves with his party activists.

Some TDP activists in the district are blaming that their party high command was giving tickets to those who came from Congress. Whatever be the matter, the MP should not have behaved with the media persons in this objectionable way.

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