TDP MP Sivaprasad with a new Avatar Yama Dharma Raja


MP-sivaprasad-yamarajuChittoor MP of Telugu Desam Party, N Sivaprasad, a film actor and a political master of disguise, struck again with a new avatar on Thursday in Chittoor district.

The actor-turned-politician was at it again today in the attire of Yamadharmaraja, the God of hell, at Chandragiri in the district. In a typical accent of a Yamadharmaraja, he mimicked, danced and spoke against the State division along with other artists.

Known for his protests with changing colors faster than the chameleon, he was earlier seen in Krishna avatar, later donned the Mahatma Gandhi cap. Trying to hold the attention of national media, he indulged in whip-lashing, beating himself with a hunter and later, he performed ‘Chekka Bhajana’, a conventional art form, at the main gate of Parliament to protest against the bifurcation of AP.