TDP role in the state bifurcation process is Painful


tdp-telanaganaHyderabad: Seeamandhra TDP leader Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy has said that the involvement of TDP in the state bifurcation process is “painful”.

Somireddy said that TDP leaders are bound by party chief Chandrababu Naidu’s letter to the Prime Minister. In his letter, Chandrababu has requested the PM to press the pause button on bifurcation until the concerns of other regions are properly addressed by the Centre.

Somireddy lambasted Congress for the provocative statements being made by its General secretary Digivijay Singh.

He said that the situation could have been different had the state been divided in 1969 or 1972. Somireddy argued that even if Telangana is separated, there is a possibility of dissensions between south and north Telangana.