TDP Senior Leader miffed with Chandrababu


Ayyanna-patrudu-and-ChandraHyderabad: Politburo member of Telugu Desam Party Ayyanna Patrudu, sought an explanation from his party chief Chandrababu Naidu as to how the latter could allow the entry of certain leaders, who had previously criticized TDP, into the party.

“How can we admit J.C.Diwakara Reddy, who was responsible for so much chaos in the TDP, into the party?”, asked Patrudu. He said this while addressing a public meeting in Visakhapatnam district after unveiling the statue of NTR there on Monday.

“Some leaders in the party were bought by Ganta, and that is why he was invited to join TDP,” commented the senior leader of the party. Ayyanna Patrudu said, “Moral values in the party will be questioned by others if we admit the leaders like Ganta and Kanna Babu into the party.”

Criticising Ganta he said that the latter had stolen iron from the Vizag Steel Plant in the past.

“Ganta sidelined Naidu, who gave him life in politics, and joined the erstwhile Praja Rajyam of Chiranjeevi. After getting the post of minister, he moved towards Kiran Kumar Reddy for personal gains,” said the leader.

He asked their party chief to think twice before admitting some leaders into the party.