Telangana Bill in Rajya sabha Live Updates


rajya-sabha2:22 pm: Rajya Sabha adjourned till 3pm.

2:22 pm:Amidst uproar, Rajya Sabha Chairperson says that there will be amendments in Telangana Bill and there will be a discussion. The Chairperson urges the house to be allowed to run for discussion.

2:19 pm:TR Baalu raises the TN state government demand that the seven Rajiv Gandhi assassins should be be released.

2:17 pm: Speaker interrupts BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi in Lok Sabha, asks him to lay his speech on the table as with the uproar, a discussion is not possible. Joshi voices his objection.

2:16 pm: Rajya Sabha speaker: Lok Sabha members who are ministers should withdraw from the house right away. It is unbecoming of you to stand here and protest.

2:15 pm: Venkaiah Naidu: Bring any bill for discussion only when the House is in order.

2:10 pm: Arun Jaitley addresses the Rajya Sabha: There is a specific provision in the Constitution that an MP in Lok Sabha can participate as a minister in the Rajya Sabha. He can address the proceedings without disturbing the proceedings.

2:10 pm: Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar accepts resignation of Seemandhra MP L Rajagopal, who splashed pepper spray last week.

2:05 pm: TDP MP CM Ramesh apologises in Rajya Sabha for misbehaving with the Secretary General. The House has dropped action proceedings against Ramesh.

2:05 pm: There is discussion in Lok Sabha and vote on demands for grants on accounts amidst uproar.

1:20 pm: Telangana Bill is set to be brought in Rajya Sabha at 4 pm. It is likely that the Bill will not be passed without a discussion. The sittings of the House could also be extended if needed for discussion.

12:05 pm: Rajya Sabha secretary general manhandled by MPs. Rajya Sabha adjourned till 2 pm. TDP MP CM Ramesh misbehaved with the Secretary General Rajya Sabha inside the house.

12:01 pm: Uproar in Rajya Sabha on Telangana, MPs protest over the blackout of Lok Sabha telecast. Papers being laid on table in the House amidst ruckus.

12:00 pm: Both Houses of Parliament resume.