Telangana Bill sent to Delhi


TbillFinally the AP reorganization Bill-2013 (T Bill) is making its return journey after 52 days of its reaching Hyderabad for the crucial debate in the AP assembly . The Bill was not properly debated by the AP assembly in view ofthe turbulent situation and was being returned after a CM resolution to President to send a proper bill and not to send the same faulty T Bill to Parliament, The T Bill kept in 9 boxes comprising of 35 bundles was boarded on a special Air India flight to Delhi this morning and led by a 7 member team of Ramana Reddy , head of the GAD department .

A posse of five special task force give escort to the vehicle containing the T Bill up to air port.The GAD officials will submit the bundles to Home ministry joint secretary Anil Goswami and get proper acknowledgment this afternoon The chief secretary P K Mohanty visited the secretariat yesterday twice to ensure that everything was in order and the T Bill was properly filed and bound in correct format as advised by the home ministry . The GAD officials are also carrying a a special covering letter by the Speaker and the Chief secretary as per tradition .

The T Bill was sent to Hyderabad on December 12 and sent to Assembly on December 15 . It was returned to Chief secretary on February 1st and was scrutinised and sealed in special boxes last evening in the presence of the CS Mohanty and Police officials.