Telangana Bill to be tabled in Lok sabha First


t-bill-in-loksabhaNEW DELHI: Contrary to earlier expectations, the Telangana Bill will now be introduced in Lok Sabha first instead of Rajya Sabha with the government seeking a fresh recommendation from the President after the Upper House secretariat held it as a money bill.

Sources said the move comes after questions were raised over the constitutionality of introducing the bill first in the Upper House.

The Rajya Sabha secretariat is of the view that since the proposed act would involve appropriation of money out of the consolidated fund, it is a money bill as defined in the Constitution and hence has to be first introduced in Lok Sabha.

Under Article 117(1) of the Constitution, a money bill cannot be introduced in Rajya Sabha. The Rajya Sabha secretariat also sought clarifications from the law ministry over whether or not it is a money bill.

Home ministry officials said the plan to table the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill in Rajya Sabha has been reviewed and a fresh recommendation of President Pranab Mukherjee has been sought for the legislation’s introduction in Lok Sabha.

“It will be introduced in Lok Sabha first for which President’s recommendation is being sought,” a senior home ministry official told PTI.

The President had on Monday gave his nod for bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh by approving the legislation.

The bill was approved by the Union Cabinet on Friday, notwithstanding rejection by the state assembly. Under this, Telangana will comprise 10 districts and the rest of Andhra Pradesh 13 districts.

Hyderabad will remain the common capital for both the states for a period not exceeding 10 years.