Telangana bill: Voting on February 19


Telangana-BillNew Delhi: The union government is moving steps forward, after introducing the Telangana bill in Lok Sabha on Thursday. As the vote on account budget is scheduled to be introduced in the Parliament on Febrauary17, Telangana bill could not be included in the agenda for the day.

The UPA government has been planning to include most of the bills on the very next day as the agenda points. After finalizing the important bills on February 18, it is learnt that the UPA government will carryout voting on Telangana bill on the very next day i.e. on February 19.

According to sources at Delhi, a debate will be initiated on February 19 and on the same day the Telangana bill will be approved. To this effect, the UPA government has been chalking out a plan. On the same day, the bill will be introduced in Rajya Sabha.

Efforts are reportedly on to get the bill passed through both houses even one day before the conclusion of the Parliament session. It is also learnt that efforts are on to pass the bill with a voice vote of speaker, if the situation demands for the same. Even the TRS party president, KCR has opined the same. According to sources, it is most likely that the bill be passed on February 19, anyhow.