Telangana CM KCR behaving like a Monarch!


kcr3A political party is given the power by the public in the elections for serving them. Chief Minister KCR is misuing the power to put off the opposition party (TDP) in the Telangana state, so that the way would be clear for them in the next Elections. The following cases explain how KCR has misused his power to deal with those whom he consders danger for his Political party and future elections

Cash for Vote scam

Though the Anti corruption Bureau (ACB) caught Revanth Reddy red handed while bribing the TRS nominated MLA stephenson, the whole drama is being scripted by Telangana Chief Minister KCR.

KCR and his Co used their power and resources to nail revanth Reddy. By now everyone might have known that the plan to catch Telangana TDP MLAs during the MLC elections is perfectly scripted by the TRS and TDP leader Revanth Reddy fell prey to it.

Phone tapping

The Phone tapping of Chandrababu, TDP MLAs and officials is also KCR’s another case of misuse of power.

TV 9 and ABN channel ban in Telangana

To be honest, everyone commits mistakes. But very few apologise for their acts.

TV9 channel aired a satire on the newly-elected TRS legislators after two of them fumbled while taking their oaths in the Telangana Assembly in June. The show insinuated that the legislators were illiterate, and awe-struck by the swearing-in ceremony. The show had sparked protests from TRS leaders and Telangana activists.

After commiting the mistake, which hurt the legislators, the TV9 channel had apologised and had even run a quote of apology as a scroll for several days in the channel.

But, the Telangana Chief Minister KCR had not forgiven them. Moreover, he is still furious on the channel.

TV 9 is one of the reputed channels in the national arena. Many atrocities, corruptions etc in the state are brought to limelight by their sting operations.

Making the following comments on such a channel exposes the real character of Telangana CM KCR

“If anybody tries to denigrate or hurt the self-respect of Telangana, Telangana Assembly, Telangana culture… we will break their necks. Be careful. Beware or else we will bury you 10km (under the earth)”.

“We will not allow media to play games. If you do more, you will face more. I am telling you as the chief minister; if you want to stay and live here(in Telangana), salute us and stay. Respect our Telangana people and stay here” .