Telangana issue to be voted upon in next Lok Sabha: Kamal Nath


T-Bill-voting-on-lok-sabhaNew Delhi: Some UPA ministers are making interesting comments on the Telangana issue over the past few days.Parliamentary affairs minister Kamal Nath said, “Telangana issue is a delicate issue. Emotions have been high on both the sides. The issue can be put to rest by way of Parliament only. Hence a vote on the issue in Parliament is essential.”

Kamal Nath maintained that if not in the current Lok Sabha, the Telangana issue has to be voted upon in the next Lok Sabha. But it is not easy to decipher what the minister is actually saying.

Because, the current episode of Telangana, which has turned into a daily serial, amply shows that the UPA government has turned into a monster. This monster does not do what it says, does not say what it is going to do.

Delhi-based political analysts say that Congress is going to learn its biggest lesson in the next Lok Sabha elections.

A senior leader of Congress, who is now nominated to Rajya Sabha on intellectuals quota, Manisankar Aiyer had said Congress needs “rest” as it has been in power for the last ten long years.