Telangana issue will not benefit Congress: India Today and C Voter survey


India-Today-and-C-Voter-surHyderabad: The plans of Congress party that it would have political advantage through creation of Telangana are going to be belied, according to a survey.

According to the latest survey by India Today – C Voter, Congress would lose 26 seats in AP. This would be a gain to TRS partly. Other parties like the YSR Congress would share the seats lost by Congress. The survey says Congress would get only 7 Lok Sabha seats in Andhra Pradesh.

The survey says if elections were held as of now, UPA would lose 122 Lok Sabha seats. The survey also made it clear that the decision to create Telangana state had not placed Congress in any advantageous position, as the party would get just get 7 LS seats against the 33 it got in the previous elections.

For the survey, opinions of 15,815 people in 28 states were taken. Survey results are this way….

UPA which has 259 seats in Lok Sabha would get only 137. NDA also would lose 4 seats and get just 155. The seats lost by UPA might be gained mainly by regional parties. This would result in the launch of a third front.

When votes percentage was taken, while UPA was projected to get 28 per cent, NDA might get 32.

In Gujarat while BJP is poised to get 25 seats, Congress would get only 5. In Karnataka BJP would lose 12 LS seats and these might be gained by Congress. In UP, SP and BSP would get maximum number of seats and Congress would not improve its position there. BJP might improve its position in UP. In West Bengal Trinamool Congress continues to be in advantageous position while in Maharashtra Shiva Sena is ahead. Congress might lose strength in both the states. In Bihar both BJP and JD(U) would lose because of the snapping of ties and this would turn advantageous to RJD.

In Delhi Assembly elections, there is anti-Shiela Dixit wav. In Chattisgarh though BJP and Congress are locked in a close fight, Raman Singh is likely to come back again. In Madhya Pradesh 57 percent voters preferred present Chief Minister Shivaraj Singh Chauhan. Though BJP is once again likely to come to power here, the party would lose 21 seats to Congress.