No Telangana protests during Naidu’s Nalgonda tour


Naidu-Nalgonda-tourTelugu Desam Party (TDP) president N. Chandrababu Naidu, who toured the district on Friday, faced little opposition from pro-Telangana activists. Some Telangana supporters, however, staged a black flag protest when Mr. Naidu’s convoy entered Damaracharla.

During his visit to the district, Mr. Naidu assured farmers, who suffered loss due to heavy rains, that their lives would be better once the party comes to power after next general elections. He appealed to them to not commit suicide and keep faith in the party.

Addressing the gathering at Damarcherla mandal headquarters here on Friday, Mr. Naidu said neither the Centre nor the State government showed any concern towards farmers’ plight in the State.

As part of his day-long tour in Nalgonda district, he interacted with some cotton farmers who have lost their yield.

Demanding the State government to immediately sanction Rs. 20,000 input subsidy on cotton and Rs. 10,000 on paddy, he asked the district administration to procure discoloured cotton from the farmers to help them wriggle out of the present crisis.

He accused the Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy of being indifferent towards farmers’ problems in the State and said that his party would waive loans taken by farmers if they were voted back to power.

Instead, the TDP president asked people to kill Congress, which is responsible for their plight, by making them powerless voting against them in the coming general elections.

While his convoy approaching towards Damarcherla mandal head quarters, some Pro Telangana activists tried to obstruct coming in the way holding black flags and raising slogans against TDP, but the Police have removed them.

In his own style, the former Chief Minister started his day long tour in Nalgonda district at Damarcherla mandal head quarters.

Walks into field

He walked into a field belongs to a farmers Budiga Lakshmiah cotton field, which is still submerged in rain water.

Mr.Naidu enquried the farmer’s family had any official visited their field so far after the rains. Mr.Lakshmaiah has said none had visited.

The TDP president had asked how much they had invested on each acre of cotton. “It is Rs 20,000 on each acre, the farmer answered.

The former chief minister enquired weather they could find any buyer for their discoloured and high moisture content cotton in the market.

The farmer says “no”.

Later, he also visited another farmer Ghanpur Shankraiah’s cotton field,where he interacted with the farmer’s family while they are picking the discoloured cotton.