Telangana state by December 2013 ?


telangana-state-by-december-2013Telengana will be a reality  by December   2013, come what ever be the hurdles placed by the Seemandhra  leaders and lobby.This is the gut feeling of the Deputy CMDamodar Rajnarasimha who says  Sonia Gandhi has  shown guts  to  turn down all objections by others  and say that there was no  going back on Telangana decision .

Deputy CM   said  the issues raised by  the CM Kiran  to stall Telangana-Water sharing,.Power generation and the employment were already addressed in the  CWC resolution itself and were administrative in nture and should not be  used as stumbling blocks  in Telangana formation .
Without naming  the  CM Kiran,  he  quoted  a proverb  that  ‘ a turtle knew  ground realities, rather than the Hare or rabbit which always jumped and knew nmothing about surface ‘. In other words he termed the CM as a jumping  jack and a rabbit  who had become  CM by sheer luck without being even a minister  and hence  hardly knews the ground  situation .
The Deputy CM  said  the 2014  general elections will be fought for two states  and said  Telangana was not a new state, but  only restoration of  the state acceded to Andhra  in  1954.

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