The megastar’s mega flop show


chiru-storyNobody took Chiranjeevi seriously in politics, neither the voters nor the media. But yesterday, when the T-Bill was getting passed in Rajya Sabha, he made a laughing stock of himself. No, it is not that he spoke for the first time on TV after taking over as a tourism minister. No, it is not that he read out a speech in English (must have been composed by some graduate in his office) even if it was his maiden speech in Parliament. No, it is not that he read in English (he could have chosen first to speak in Telugu like NTR).

The sad thing is this joker no.1 who was the first politician to seek votes on caste affiliations spoke for the first time against the T-bill on the last day of the bill getting passed that too as minister of the UPA government which is supporting the bill. Poor Chiru was so ill-prepared, he had to face the wrath of the loquacious Arun Jaitley and the Speaker and a few others.

Sad and comical at the same time. He never spoke about the gang-rapes in the capital city as a tourism minister. He never spoke about the falling tourism of the country since he took over. He never contributed to the thought-leadership on the subject of his ministry. He never spoke for Telangana when it was burning. He didnn’t contribute as much as even NTR or Dasari Narayana Rao to streamline the Telugu film industry. He is all about himself and his family.

I wonder why such people enter politics. He could have completed five more films after 150 films milestone had he not joined politics but instead make a circus of his IQ and EQ -lowering Telugu pride. The only thing he did was to keep recommending legendary names to the list of Padma Awards and attend audio functions of his family members.