They Always Talk Of Unity, But Are Never United


There are two parties that always talk of unity. But, they are never united. In fact, on many occasions, one is pitted against the other. Instead of fighting together, they fight one another. That is the Left parties for you. Left Unity is a buzzword for the CPI and the CPM. But like the railway tracks that never meet, the Left parties never unite.

In Telangana, the CPI wants to join the proposed Maha Kutami of the Congress. The Congress does not want the anti-TRS votes to split and has roped in TDP and is planning to get Prof. Kodanda Ram on board. Now, it is also trying to have the Left parties also in the alliance. The CPI is amenable to the idea of the Kootami. But, the CPM is saying NO. It wants to form a Bahujan Left Front along with Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena. Now, Jana Sena does not have any organizational structure in Telangana and Pawan himself is focusing on the Andhra region and not Telangana.

The CPM says its Bahujana Left Front is not for immediate gains but is aimed at 2014 Lok Sabha elections, where it fights the real enemy – the BJP. But, for now, it will be CPI and CPM fighting the same war separately….!!!